Fun Fur Dress Pattern

Has anyone seen a fun fur dress pattern? I think my dds would love this…

Fun fur dress. :?? Sorry, I haven’t seen anything like that.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]Not enough time left on the planet to make me knit with fun fur… :teehee:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I just did a quick search on the Lion Brand website (they have tons of free patterns) and a few came up for Barbie dresses, but no kids dresses. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or not.

I hope that helps!

Would it be possible to make the garment with regular yarn, but maybe make the garment edged in Fun Fur? I made a hat out of it, and the pattern called for larger size needles, which left kind of bigger holes in the hat. Not really a big deal if anybody sees your scalp through the hat, but for a dress to be able to see through it… Just a humble suggestion.

We have a scarf that is knitted with fun fur and another type of yarn and that’s what I was thinking would work without having holes in it. I looked on the internet for one and could not find one.

Thanks for the help everyone…