Fun Find

At a rummage sale yesterday I got some Vintage-ish straight needles. I don’t generally knit with straights but like the idea of having them in a vase or something.

From L to R are Inox US size 1, Inox US size 4, Cute unknown brand US size 3, and Inox US size 8. I think the size 1 and 4 are steel? They are interesting because at the tip for about 2 inches the needle is the actual sixe but further up it narrows. The size 3 and 8 are maybe coated aluminum? The size 8 Inox say “5” on the top and “PERL INOX 5” is embossed on the size.

I will have to find something to knit with these sometime just for fun. I paid 3.50 for all 4 needles.

I love finding things that make me happy a rummage sales!

Yay! for the find.

I found a nice bag of good wool (mixed colors that go together well, most not full skeins) this weekend at a yard sale. Got a whole big bag for $1.75!

now that is cool, too. Just usually the problem, that the rests do not go together well (if they do: the better).
I just looked at a lot of garage sales (loppis) in Sweden in the hope of yarn or needles… no such luck!

They are all the same wool (I think they are from a yarn store in Nantucket) just in different shades, so I’ll be able to come up with something!