Fun And Useful Games

I found these “Survival” games on Discovery’s site. Pretty interesting, and, educational…Provided if you should, god forbid, ever be stuck in a life or death situation, you have all the handy tools you’d need…lol

Okay, these are fun, but every time you die you have start over completely. :hair:

lol…yeah, that gets quite annoying

In real life if you die once you’re pretty much done with the game.

Aw man, and all this time I thought I’d have the “Play Again?” option…Bah, all those video games had me fooled, fooled I say! :teehee:

:shock: :roflhard:

Next time I plan a trip to the jungle, I’ll make sure to pack my trusty beach ball. :thumbsup:

:teehee: Of course, I never leave home without mine!