Full spectrum lamps?

Our new house is dark. Our living room has remarkably high ceilings and no overhead lighting. The dining room ceiling fixture only accommodates lower-wattage bulbs.

Unless I want to read or knit in the kitchen, light-wise I’m in a bit of a fix. We have three lamps in the living room, and not a a lot of room for more, and it is still quite dark in the evenings/mornings/anytime but high noon.

I was thinking of getting one of those lamps that swears they are just like daylight- has anyone else used one? Any recommendations? Do they really work?

Its getting darker earlier and earlier, and I’m hunching closer and closer to the knitting…

Full spectrum lighting is far better than standard bulbs and is much easier on the eyes. It also helps with winter depression caused by daylight deprivation. I use them year round.

I have a cheapy one I got at Home Depot and next to outdoor lighting it’s the only one I can knit with. Highly recommended!

I have an OTT true color light. I use it all the time. Watch for sales and/or coupons.

I haven’t seen the Home Depot version that Jan has, but if I were you I’d give it a try. :thumbsup:

Joann’s has had their Ott lamps on sale, but I think today is the last day…

Joann often has OTT’s on sale. Just keep checking their website www.joann.com and also sign up for their online mailing list as well as the store’s the next time you’re there. They often send 40% off coupons via email.