Ft. Worth metroplex area?

I’m in a small town outside Ft.Worth, Texas. Any others nearby?

I live in fort worth!! Where are you located?

South Ft Worth here.

I’m in Fort Worth, too, near the cultural district.

I read on the Dallas thread that a group in Fort Worth is meeting at the Fort Worth library on June 9 for WWKIP day. Are any of you going? Know anything about it?

Is anybody in the Fort Worth area interested in getting together somewhere to knit and exchange information? Or maybe for a trip to the Woolie Ewe in Plano?

long time lurker finally coming out to say…

I would like to get together and meet some other knitters/crocheters (I crochet). I live in the cultural district.

Wow, we must be neighbors! I’m in the cultural district too. I don’t crochet at all, though – it’s like a foreign language. Do you knit, too? PM me if you want to get together.

Anybody interested in a trip to Dallas to see the knitting woman statue? And maybe visit some of the yarn shops while we’re there?

I just started; like today. I live in the North end of Fort Worth. Those of you who live in the cultural district; Oakhurst or TCU/Hulen area?

Wow, I can’t believe I just saw this post – it’s obviously been a while since I’ve checked this forum. I’m in the cultural district, and work in the Oakhurst area. Anybody interested in getting together?

I live in Keller, right next to Ft. Worth…newbie here, anyone know of good yarn shops in this area? Thanks! :knitting:

The closest shop to you is probably the Knitting Nook at Rufe Snow & Loop 820. It’s a pretty nice shop, good selection, helpful, friendly staff. Also Simpatico at Brown Tr. and Bedford Road, though the selection there is not as large. Very nice people, though.

In Fort Worth I shop at Jennings Street Yarns. The owners are very nice and helpful, and they have lots of beautiful (if pricey) yarn. And once in a while I make the pilgrimmage to The Woolie Ewe in Plano. It’s a good thing I don’t live closer to this shop – I’d be broke all the time.

I’m in Arlington and I am a newbie looking to learn how to knit, anyone know a yarn shop near me??Crossed Fingers

They have a “meetup” group at the Knitting Nook. I just signed up to join them. I hope I like it. Have any of you checked it out yet? The next one is this Thursday at 6:30Crossed Fingers

I live in CA, but my in-laws live in the Roanoke area.

When we were there for Christmas I had the bright idea of finding an LYS (it’s family tradition to go shopping on Christmas Eve). I looked in the phone book but couldn’t figure out if there was anything reasonably close.

If I had thought to plan ahead I know I can try checking Knit Map. Just curious, does anyone here know of any LYS within 10-15 minutes of Roanoke (going east on the 114)?

This list isn’t up to date because Sympatico in Bedford closed last year. But they do show one in Arlington, their phone number is on the list…


Thank you for the info!!!