FT clogs - "center toe st"

I hope this hasn’t been discussed before. I’ve searched the board, but I can’t find a question like this already.
I just started the FT clogs. I’m on the “Toe and Instep Shaping” section. Instructions for the first row:
k39, m1, k1 [COLOR=darkred](center toe st)[/COLOR], m1 k1, turn
I’m wondering what “center toe st” means, but I can’t figure it out from the pattern or from doing a search on it.

I’ve made a couple of these and I just took it to mean that it was the centre of the toe. I think they put it there to help you get an idea of what part of the clog you are working on.

I’ve just finished my first, and that’s what I took it to mean, too. (what Sajomaro said)

Thanks Sajomaro and yuyay!