FT Clog Question

I’m working on finishing clog # 1 and yes, I did a gauge swatch.

Can anyone tell me if the pre-felted clog would fit the Jolly Green Giant and then magically felt down to a woman’s medium?

I’m using 1 Strand of Lopi Original and a size 13 circ.

I think the whole clog thing is too cool, especially when the toe starts to form and you can see that it will actually turn into a slipper.

However it’s HUGE!!!



Kemp’s picture of her clogs are about one of my favorites. It is why I think the prefelted clogs are a delightful gift. :teehee:

eta: Ooops those are Kemp’s not Silver’s… but it is the picture I was looking for so that’s good. :doh:

Thank you for posting the question and the picture! I don’t feel so bad that my first one looks really big and really wonky.
Another question though, did I do the sole wrong? I had to seam it in the middle when i was done. It doesn’t say anything about that, but I don’t see any other way for it to work??? :shrug:

Nope, you did the sole right. You have to seam the first and second soles separately, down the middle, then tack them together.

I have the new pattern, and it definitely says you have to do that. :shrug:

Thanks, maybe I just missed it… I appreciate the quick answer!