FSU Baby Blanket

Here is a baby blanket I made for a friend. It is garnet because her husband is a HUGE Florida State fan. He wouldn’t let Erin paint the baby’s room a different color, the baby is taking his FSU room. Luckily she is having a boy and they found all the bedding and decor in FSU. To her surprise she really likes the room.


Sounds cute, but… [size=1]you forgot the picture! [/size] :roflhard:

I’m not sure why this didn’t post the first time. Sorry.


The picture won’t post because it is too big. Wouldn’t it figure I am late and I don’t have time to fix it now… :wall:

Right now my DH is standing at the door saying LET’S GO!! :wink:

I swear I am going to be late for my own funeral.

Stacy :rofling:

Here is one more try. If this doesn’t work I’ll try again this evening.

I see it now! That is beautiful!

Beautiful! What pattern did you use?

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this board and have been knitting for about a year. I have made many Fun Fur Scarfs and one afghan.

I just saw the post and picture of the baby Blanket Stacy made, it 's beautiful!!

I am just about finished a baby Afghan myself and was wondering what length it should really be. I’m working on the last pattern rows and when finished it should be about 42 or 43 inches. Is that to long??? I have a baby afghan book and the patterns are all different sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be a good length?

I’m really enjoying this web site, I hope I am posting in the correct place.

Thank you,

LOVE that pattern, Stacy! GREAT job!

Martha, I have seen baby blankets as small as 36" square, and larger than yours. I think 42" will be FINE. I cant imagine a blanket could be TOO big!


Beautiful! :inlove:

That is beautiful! Please post the pattern if it’s shareable…:slight_smile:

Thanks Everyone!

The pattern is a Plymouth pattern. I don’t think it is shareable. I’m not quite sure of the rule on that. I bought the pattern at a yarn store in Lexington. It is an easy pattern. For those who know if I can give the general idea, let me know and I will.

Thanks again,


Looks wonderful - I love that color!

Nice work! It looks so “snuggle’able” :mrgreen:

Looks great and the pattern is neat too!

Great job! :thumbsup: