FSOT, 50/50 angora/merino roving

My loss, your gain?
I have discovered, with much sadness, that I am allergic to angora. :frowning: I have 1 pound of angora/merino blend roving (50/50) that I will need to get rid of. It is almost entirely natural color, but I did take some of it, about 4 oz, I estimate, and dye it in order to spin something for my sister. That’s when I discovered my allergy. That portion is dyed a nice blue with some small bit of violet thrown in. I’ll post a pic when I get a chance to show the color.

I’d like to sell the whole pound to one person if possible, $50 plus shipping. I am willing to sell the undyed portion only (I’d weight it first and then give a price) and I’m also open to trade for other types of roving that don’t make me sneeze, especially superwash, merino, alpaca, or BFL.