FS: Sock Yarns

I have 3 skeins of sock yarn for sale. I tried my hand at socks, but I didn’t enjoy it, so I thought I would sell the yarn and get something else :slight_smile:
TOFUtsies #731


Online Supersocke Beach Color #941


Wisdom Yarns San Diego #256

[I]**This yarn was wound into a ball … I used this to make about 1" of the sock, but frogged it and rewound the ball. It was originally a center-pull ball, but about 6" of the yarn broke off when I was initially trying to pull it out. Go figure … anyway, all but approx. 6" of the yarn is here :)[/I]

These are nice yarns and I really love the prints & patterns, but I’ve decided socks aren’t for me :cool:

Prices include postage!
I take PayPal … thanks!

Are any or all of these sock yarns still available? Julianne


Is the pink tufootsi still for sale?