Fs New straight Bamboo needles

I have 13 pairs "13,5 long straight bamboo needles that i would like to sell or trade for,i have not use them and i don’t think i ever will.

what brand and sizes?

I really don’t know what size they are because i bough them off ebay,but they are very smooth and i have the same brand in circular and i love them,i just don’t use straight needles and i don’t know why i bought them!

The sizes are from us0 up to us11

How much do you want for them? My sister might want them, I will ask and let you know. She loves bamboo needles and only ever uses straights. I tried to talk her into circs but it was a “no go”. Let me call and get back to you in a while. Thanks.

I would like 25$ for all whit shipping(I’m in Iceland and the shipping is whit air,the fastest way)