FS : Lang Yarns Wool sock yarn

I bought two skeins of this thinking I would make the hubby socks or myself knee socks…the hubby doesn’t like the colors and I am not as thrilled with it as I thought I would be. For some reason I cannot locate the second skein so as of right now I am selling one skein and will keep looking for the other.
It is LangYarns JaWoll 420M in varigated colors of blue, orange, burgandy and brown.
The color in the picture is not great - it is brighter in person.

If you are interested in both skeins let me know and I will look harder. Would like $15/skein postage included. I have paypal.

bump :slight_smile:

found the second skein and would really love to sell this so I can buy some new sock yarn !! please - is it the price? the colors?

I love the yarn, but $30 for socks is too steep. Sorry!

It is high, and the pix looks like it has been used too. Not new yarn?

I hate to say this but I bought a skein of that same yarn, different colorway and it was only $10 a skein. Is it the one that comes with the heel and toe thread? Maybe it’s a different than what I bought…

Thank you for the input - each skein at 420Meters should be a pair of socks. It is brand new yarn - the little part you see that I started knitting up is all the more it has been used.
WOW - I’m impressed you bought it somewhere for $10 b/c I actually paid about $20 skein.
Can someone suggest what they feel would be a fair price for both skeins ? I’m not trying to cheat anyone - just want to be able to buy new sock yarn.