Frustration with 'my so called scarf' pattern

I’ve been wanting to make this scarf for so long and finally found some wool that I liked for it.

However I haven’t been able to do more than about 10 rows without making a mistake. Along the way I’m loosing a stitch - I can’t unknit it as I don’t know how with that pattern and also the wool is 10% mohair so that makes it more difficult.
I’ve restarted about 4 times now and am ready to give up on it. I’ve got 3 balls of this wool so any ideas for other scarf patterns would be great.


You may be forgetting a YO or something. On row 1, you k1, then slip 1, k1 YO and pass the slipped st over, then repeat from the slip st and end with k1. That’s a little different from how the pattern is written, but it amounts to the same thing and is eaisier to remember.

I just finished this scarf in angora and love it! I agree with sue, this version of the pattern is much easier to remember and execute. Row 2 would remain the same.