Frustration, tears, and circular knitting. Help!

Using double pointed needles or circular needles with the magic loop method, my purl bumps are showing up on the outside instead of the inside, usually this would be ok but I’m knitting toys that needed to be stuffed while still knitting so I can’t just knit and flip. I don’t want a quick fix either, I’ve been trying to figure out why this is happening for over 6 hours. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried casting on left and right handed and starting my knitting with the purl bumps on the top and bottom of the knitting. Tried casting on and flipping it. Nothing is working. I knit with my empty needle and yarn tension in my right hand so English knitting I believe. Can someone please help me!

You can flip it through your needles now. Then hold them so the working needles are toward you and the tube is away from you. This picture can help you see how the tips should be. Hold them so the tips would be where you take a drink from if the needles were a cup.

I understand your frustration. I was trying to understand what made this happen too. I don’t have the issue myself but wanted to understand what caused it. (I can’t remember if I was ever able to get it to happen or not.) I believe it has to do with the way you hold things when you join to work in the round. Find a good video that shows how to join the yarn for working in the round and follow it very meticulously and maybe that will solve it. :shrug:

Just flip and keep knitting. you are making a tube that you can reverse. Once you stuff it will be absolutely clear how it goes. (you can also put a little weight in or on the knitting to keep it in place).