h[SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]i! ok so i though it would be something different to pick up knitting, just to have something to do.

so in other words i am a beginner and i need HELP!!!:help: :help:

i am doing the long tail cast on because it seems like it would be easier to do which it is to pick up on but the stitch isnt coming out like it supposed to be (and yes i am practicing)
can someone please help me??? and if you have any step by step stuff that would be awesome but this website does help a whole lot!! thanks :slight_smile: [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

What have you looked at to learn the long tail cast on? There is a video of it on this site, but I think it is not the easiest way to learn to do it. I always teach it beginning with a slip knot and then cast on and I do it with 2 hands instead of one (but one handed is not that hard, I just prefer 2 hands). Here is a link to a video showing the way I do it. Give it a try. LINK I don’t believe the gal shows how to do the slip knot to get started but starts after that is done. If you need help with that I suppose you could do a search for “how slip knot”. You want a slip know tied over a needle or hook.

I think the video here is good, but sometimes it takes more than one way to explain things to understand. Here’s another site with still pictures.

When you put a slipknot or loop on the needle to begin the Cast On, that counts as the first stitch. There’s a ‘thumb’ variation of the Long Tail that’s linked right below the description, that may be easier for you. It was for me 45 years ago when I couldn’t get the LT to come out right, and I’ve used it for almost everything ever since.