Hi Everyone,
I am new to this forum and very excited that I have found this site as I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out. I have just become a grandmother for the first time, so have started knitting a cardigan and now find I’m stuck can anyone explain this row please.
Thanks in anticipation of an answer.

Knit to last 20 sts, cast on 2 sts, (k10 sts,cast on 2 sts) twice, k2

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Congratulations on the first grandchild. That’s great news.
Are you knitting the buttonhole band? This might be the row after a cast off for the buttonholes.
Can you tell us where in the pattern this line occurs, the front, ribbing?
Maybe you can give us the pattern name or a link to it.

Welcome!! Congratulations on the grandbaby.
I’m wondering if there was a typo in the pattern, which is hard to know for sure without seeing the exact pattern. However I wonder if it should read.

Knit to last [B]22[/B] sts, cast on 2 sts, (k10 sts,cast on 2 sts) twice, k2

That would give you the right stitch count and also still allow what sounds like button loops to be there. Or there could be a typo the other way.

Knit to last 20 sts, cast on 2 sts, (k[B]9[/B] sts,cast on 2 sts) twice, k2.

Does it show a stitch count for the end of that row that you could compare to? Or if this is the button band like it sounds what about the corresponding side, how do they compare?

Yes I’m doing the right front button hole border it states pick up 59 sts along front edge next row purl, then knit a row 3rd row p2, cast off 2 sts, (p 9, cast off 2 sts) twice purl to end next row knit to last 22 sts ,cast on 2 sts, ( knit 10, cast on 2 sts, twice, k 2. Next row purl.
The pattern is UKHKA 40
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out its very much appreciated, this is the first time I have taken up knitting in a very long time.

Yes, knit to the last 22sts as GreenFuzzer suggested. The easiest way to work is actually just to knit to the gap created by the cast off sts from the previous row, cast on 2sts and then continue to the next gap.
You can cast on sts using the knit or cable cast on for the nicest edge. See the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast Ons if you want to see how-to.
Also, there’s this video which shows exactly how to cast on in the middle of a row.
Good for you for picking up the needles again. Certainly you have the best of reasons.