I ordered the Harmony interchangeable needles just after Christmas, along with some sock yarn. They were shipped promptly after Knitpicks new warehouse was up and running. They sent the stuff out 1/4. I had been checking the tracking daily and the last I heard they were in Federal Way, Wa on the 9th and then enroute. Today was the 14th day since shipping. I called the post office and gave them the tracking info and they have no info on my package and I couldn’t find a live person to talk to so I called Knitpicks and they are shipping me out a new order.(sigh) I only have 5 to 14 more days to wait.
I wanted to start my next major project on my new needles and get another pair of socks going with some Palette yarn. I’ve already frogged 2 sweaters I wasn’t real happy with and listened to 2/3 of the Yarn Harlot’s audio book, At Knits End.
Just wanted to whine to someone who would understand. Hubby just shrugs shoulders and suggests housework.

Oh I feel your pain. After waiting 2 weeks for an order from another company, it finally came in. However it was the wrong color.:wall: Oh well, it’s a very pretty color and they offered to let me keep it at half price. So I’ll knit up something nice with it and order the original next time.:knitting:

Hubby just shrugs shoulders and suggests housework
:roflhard: Men!!!

Don’t despair. I ordered Piano for Quitters on 12-29, it never arrived. Phoned them on Tuesday of this week, it arrived on Thursday. I think people want to give good customer service, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

You’ll be SO happy when they do get there!

I don’t blame Knitpicks, I blame the post office. I had difficulties getting a DVD I ordered in Nov. It only had to come from Ca to eastern Wa and it took 2 weeks. It spent 10 days sitting in Federal Way before they sent it across state to me.

Oh, I think it was the P.O. also, not Piano for Quitters.

He says he’s now sending things out in unmarked wrapping.