Hi again all! Ok here’s my issues LOL :

I tried to make an afgan and that was just too big for me to handle yet, then I tried a repetative pattern pillow but when I got to the second repeat ( about 25 rows) I got confused and lost and messed it all up. I got so mad I ripped it all out! :blush: Ive made 2 dishclothes so far and thats about it. I know how to knit,purl,cast on and bind off in knit and thats it. What would you suggest for my next project??? Any ideas???

I think you should try the pillow again…here are a few tips.

Use a Lifeline when you get to the half-point and then at the end of your pattern repeat. THAT way, if something does happen, you wont have to rip out the whole thing. There is a how-to video on this page under “fixing mistakes”. Usually, you would use a lifeline only at the end of a pattern repeat, but 25 rows is a pretty long repeat. I wouldnt want to pull out 25 rows!

USE your mistakes to learn more about the anatomy of a st. I had an AHA moment when I learned to fix mistakes…I think that felt better to me that learning to knit in the first place! All of those videos on the page above will help.

You said you know how to K, P, CO and BO. That’s ALL you need! Everything you do from here on out will be a variation of those things. Use the abbreviations tab if you see a new symbol you dont know…all of the videos are linked to their abbreviations.

What pattern are you making? We can help!

I agree with KK… learning how to fix mistakes will make a big difference. Knitting is supposed to be FUN not frustrating! Did you just get lost in the pattern? Maybe we can figure out a way to help you keep your place better.

If you’re too frustrated with that to try it again so soon–which is perfectly acceptable!–why not try a scarf? It’s just a big looooooooong dishcloth, really! There’s lots of scarf patterns on Kh’s patterns page but you reall don’t need a pattern… cast on 20 or so stitches, knit until it’s as long as you want it, and BO. Easy!

I’m not sure how I goofed up :shock: one half of the row was shorter than the rest, so I think somehwere I doubled back on a row??? :?? :doh: Oh well. I’ll look around and find something else to try for now. Maybe a bit smaller and not so repetative in the pattern until I can get better at the stitches and following it. Maybe I just need a bit more experience than 2 weeks?? :rollseyes: :blush: I’m planning on making some scarves out of that fun fur stuff when it starts getting cooler outside, but for now I guess I’ll just go back to the drawing board. Anyone need a new dishcloth??? :roflhard:

What about a summer scarf?
I made a bunch of them in various difficult levels. For an easy one you could get some light yarn and knit with bigger needles than it sais on the label. This creates a lighter fabric.
Let me see, if I find a pic…

I made this out of one ball of mohair.

Or you could do a skinny scarf.

When you knit with fun fur, you really can’t see your stitches well, and it’s easy to mess up. On the plus side, you can’t see where you messed up, either!

Expecting to make a blanket perfect after two week experience just shows you’re adventurous! I’d vote for a scarf first, too. You could even practice with cables and ribs in it.

I am a new knitter also- about the same as you- and I’ve made 2 felted bags. I had to figure out how to knit on circular needles, but once I got that, it wasn’t too bad. I found it to be very gratifying, since I was able to make something that I can actually use!! Also, the felting helps to “cover up” any small mistakes that I made. I am knitting a hat right now- it will be my first attempt at decreasing, but other than that, knitting and purling is all you need to know to do it! Good luck- I’ve never found a hobby that has grabbed me like knitting has!!!

Margie :smiley:

I took everyones advice and got size 11 needles and some light and lofty yarn and started a scarf. Its going quite well, no mishapps yet! I’m doing it in simple garter stitch for practice and the yarn is so fluffy you cant see the stitches anyhow. But its looking real well so far! :happydance: :XX:

PS Hubby has fallin in love with my dishclothes. It seems they work well around the house for several different things he likes to do so he has requested more! Who whould’ve guessed??? :shock: