Frustrated with KnitPicks

So normally I love KnitPicks. They are fast. Their yarn is great for the price.
But today I’m terribly disappointed. I ordered the Options needles and the id tags and paid $8 for the 3 day shipping instead of the free slow shipping.
so they sent out the id tags the day after i ordered them via 3day UPS. The needles were backordered. no problem.
But now i’ve found out that they shipped my needles via slow mail. Why? I didn’t pay to get the fast shipping on something i can’t even use.
I think i’m going to call and tell them i want my $8 back.

I would definitely call and complain about that!

I have found KP to be slow most of the time. I ordered a pattern and yarn last week and it took them 5 days to ship it! Now I get to wait for the slow boat to California to get my order. If their prices weren’t so good I wouldn’t shop there at all. :rollseyes: If I need something fast I go elsewhere, too.

I do have to say that their Customer Service is really good. If I email them a question they respond quickly. I found out that Jasmine (whose job it is) gets over 600 emails a day! :shock: I called the other day and asked what colors were used in a project and they called me back the next day and told me. It really seems like the try to please, I bet they’ll refund your money if you ask.

I think it really depends on where you live…I’m in Illinois and their shipping has always been really fast for me. I ordered my Denises last Friday and got “slow” shipping and they were at my door Tuesday morning. So maybe they will get to you in three days… :smiley: …but if they don’t, I’d definitely give them a call.

They’ve sort of lost a customer in me for a good long while.

After they brought back the Denise’s on their site later on that day they had the sale, they sent me an email last night saying that they were no longer going to carry them and if I still wanted the other items in the order.
That’s very bad marketing for me and while I did tell them to send the rest of items in the order, I won’t be buying anything from them again unless I really really need it.

Definitely give them a call! That’s just not right. I agree KP is really slow…I just placed an order for the Addi’s at 50%, and it took 3 day for them to even ship the 2 needles I ordered. That’s pretty bad. It shipped on the 26th, so I’m sure I won’t be getting it until the middle of next week. Last time it took about 10 days from the day it was shipped. I had forgotten I ordered by then!
But I did just notice that there is a tracking number now, there wasn’t on my last order, so I was clueless. I like to see where my package is, because I know how long it takes to get from each stop to my house!

KP has been either really fast or a bit slow when I’ve ordered from them. But I’ve learned that if I need a quick yarn fix, I’m better off going to my LYS. :roflhard:

Sorry about the shipping mistake! I’m sure that they are being overwhelmed with orders with the new needles line…I would certainly call them!
As for customer service, as Nina said, they are usually very, very good! I deal with Jasmine, too. Actually, we’ve become friends thru KnipPicks…she’s a great girl and she and Kelly both have told me that KnitPicks is super busy…of course, this doesn’t mean that one should receive bad service, either. Were I any of you with problems, I would email customer service with my complaint and see what they say…they don’t know what’s going on unless we tell them :wink:

Update: I called them and the woman that i talked to seemed to act as though i shouldn’t have expected fast shipping on the needles since they were backordered.

What she finally offered me is an $8 credit to my KnitPicks account. I would
have preferred they refund my credit card, but i guess i’ll settle. It’s not like i won’t ever place an order there again.

Strange. They said right on the site that they would hold the order and ship everything together when the backordered items came in. That’s what they did with mine. I didn’t go for the faster shipping, though, maybe that’s why. :thinking:

I was going to start a new thread about Knit Picks this morning but decided to just put it in this one. I received my KP order yesterday, earlier than I thought I would. :cheering: I ordered the Options needles, the DPNs and another case to store my Addis. The needles are to die for, the DPNs look wonderful too. I also ordered a color card for Shine and was so impressed by that yarn I’m going to order it and hope I can come up with something to make with it. :?? Anyway…I wouldn’t take KP off your list of suppliers. Right now they MUST be in a turmoil. Think about it, they’ve developed a new line of needles that everyone and six of their cousins want, plus trying to clear out the old needles and keep that web site updated to show current inventory while getting the orders out ASAP. If I ran KP I’d probably be tearing out my hair, crying and throwing up my hands. I’m so grateful they went to all the trouble to develop the needles for us that I’m willing to wait about 6 weeks before I order anything else so they can catch their breath.

I agree with Nikki. I don’t think they were prepared for the overwhelming response to the new needles. The needles are just wonderful.