Frustrated with guage now

Ok, so I switched hooks, now using my Boyle hook, but I am having a problem with getting my stitches pulled through still… its like i have to make my stitches waaay extra loose to pull the other stitches through and the finished piece is sloppy looking. I am getting ready to just give up again


When knitting I wrap twice around my pinkie and then up and over the back of my fingers.
When crocheting I hold the yarn between my middle and index finger only, so it comes over top of my index finger.
A lot less tension for crochet.

When I started I was way too tight and it took a lot of practice.
What finally got me to figure out my tension was to make swatches with the yarn’s suggested needle until my tension was where the swatch came out to be the suggested size.

Practice, practice, practice.

Oh, that is frustrating. When I started I held my yarn to tight and had very tight stitches. I learned two things from that: first I couldn’t wrap the yarn around my pinky (like Amy shows in her videos on this site) and to turn the hook so the back is at the top of the loop(s) and the hook is in the vee of the loops.

When I started knitting, I tried to pick up the yarn as Amy shows, but again my tension was to tight. Now to knit I hold my yarn in my left hand just like I do for crochet; I weave the yarn behind first and ring fingers and in front of the middle and pinky fingers. I hold the hook in the knife grip and turn the hook with my thumb and fingers instead of trying to wrap the yarn around the hook.

With Boye hooks, since they have a tapered point, you will need to push them through the loops all the way to the full size barrel until you get comfortable with the tention and loop size.

Keep your fingers loose and only sqeeze the ring and pinky if you need to tighten up a very loose loop. Also, it helps to use just your left thumb and middle finger (and maybe the ring finger) to hold your work. Pinky does the breaking for more tension and the index finger moves in toward the work to give slack or away with piny wide to pull more yarn from the ball.

So, now you know more about my crochet style then perhaps you wanted to know. :wink:

Another trick is to chain in one size larger hook, then step down to your guage hook size for the first row. That way the foundation chain is more open and easier to go through.

Working in the starting chain can be the worst part for me. :nails:

Crossed Fingers Good luck!

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

I hate working into the starting chain, it is always an effort for me. I usually use a larger hook (1 size up from gauge one) and that makes it easier. Once you get the hang of it, it won’t be such a chore. Don’t give up!! I taught myself, and I am so glad I did.

I do chains double stranded and larger size. They look better and stretch better.

THank you all for your suggestions and encouragement!! It means alot! SOrry to take over the board with all my questions, but I am really determined now!!! You all have been a big help!! It was thanks to this site that I finally learned to knit and I am soo happy for that!! Cant wait to get the hang of this crochet!! :smiley: