Frustrated with HAPPY UPDATE

My mom made me a present for the New Year and i ordered some things from First of all, they never answered my e-mail about checking out on their site, since Israel wasn’t listed there. Eventually, i made the intl call and ordered over the phone. They said that e-mails are filtered. So i gave them a and specifically requested to let me know when the package shipped and again - nothing. I e-mail them and finally get an answer that it was actually mailed the next day - Dec. 14th. and i should expect it in 2 weeks. Until now i haven’t received it (and i checked with my post office - now package from England for the last month). It had some KnitPicks Options extra tips, some Options cables and the most important - 2 skeins of MMMMalabrigo laceweight! I wrote to them 6! days ago, asking what’s up and still - no answer! I wrote to them again now. I can’t understand - what’s so hard in answering the mail? They are a big, respectable store, so i’m disappointed. I wanted to be their regular with KnitPicks stuff…And of course they already charged my mom’s credit card.
Just venting.

Wow… how very rude of them not to answer your calls!!!
I too would be dissapointed…I have had loads of stuff from them and have never had a problem thank goodness…I hope you get it sorted out soon x

Yikes. Is there anyone in Britain who can actually to the store with the info and find out what is going on? Or is an internet only kind of store?

Mail can be slow, but I hope you get results soon!

I’ve been having trouble with them too :pout:

I asked my brother for a gift voucher for Christmas so I could try them out. It took me ages to choose but I finally did and ordered online but managed to mess it up because I couldn’t find where to put that I had a gift voucher so I emailed and they told me to call them. I called them and gave them the voucher number and the person said ‘Ok’ but they didn’t say when it would be posted. I’ve emailed twice now and asked if the package is posted or delayed because of the Options needles (says on the site that orders with those might be delayed) but so far no reply. I might try calling some time this week but I am upset that I have to because sometimes I get anxious with that sort of thing.

I hope we both get sorted soon! :hug::hug::hug:

They need to get their priorities straight and fix that customer service!

I would say that the UK postal service is pretty bad on occation. I have things sent from the US That took less time to get to me than stuff I have ordered from here. I think there was strike action just before christmas if I remember rightly which could have delayed things but even with that I would have thought that the package should have arrived by now. Did they give you a tracking number, maybe they could check from their end what happend to the package. Things do get lost in the post sometimes maybe they could resend.

I haven’t had any problems with them but then again I live in England and I’ve never used a gift voucher on their site. They have a shop in Bristol, unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near there so I can’t go annoy them for you.

Hiya It sounds as if they posted the package almost 6 weeks ago, which is way overtime. There was a postal delay before Christmas but the backlog has been cleared - waiting over a month for an order is just not on. I’ve put a link here so that you can see the options (pardon the pun) GetKnitted have to chase up their order. Unless you said otherwise, it probably went out regular airmail but should have reached you well before now. If you want, send me a PM with the purchase details and I’ll give them a bell tomorrow and chase them up. * * * * * * * * * Jen, sounds as if you’re wasting your time and energy with emails - phone the beggars tomorrow - ask which needle tips they’re presently short of, causing the delay, and ask for the name of the person you’re speaking to. Make a note of it, and tell them you’ll ring again if there’s no joy in a week. Ellie (the other one)

I had stuff go missing in the post just before Christmas (not knitting related - ebay purchase) I think in all the chaos of strikes on top of the Christmas postal rush things went missing :pout:!!!

Limey, thank you for the offer! I think i’ll wait a day or two and then call them myself and ask to speak to the lady that answered my e-mails the last time. I think the package got lost.

Hi You’re very welcome. Please let us know how you get on. Good Luck. Ellie

hope everything goes well with it and you get your package soon!

I suppose I’ll have to. If there’s no joy in a week I’ll set my brother onto them! It’s his money that’s been wasted if the situation isn’t resolved. :sad:

Hope you both get ur packages sorted out!

They got back to me and their site also says they had e-mail issues and didn’t know about it and are very sorry. Anyway, they want to re-ship my order, but they don’t have the MMalabrigo color i wanted and are short of the KP cables. So i chose another color and KP metal tips in 12mm instead of the cable and fibertrends pattern i wanted. Hopefully, they will get back to me soon and i’ll get it soon enough :slight_smile: Crossed Fingers

Thanks for posting that! I’ve just tried calling but their line is busy! :passedout: I hope you get your parcel ok!

I finally remembered to call them and got through after 3 tries. It seems that although I had called with my voucher number it wasn’t matched to my order properly, luckily I had kept the voucher so I gave the number again and it should be sorted out today! :woot: I did have to pick another colour in one of the yarns I picked out but I’m not too bothered about that. I just hope the order gets here safely :passedout:

GetKnitted uuuuggggg very disappointing customer service.

I hope you get your stuff soon.

Hi Jen

Very glad you’ve got a result :slight_smile: … just as well you kept the voucher!

Wonder as well how Knittingnat has made out?Crossed Fingers

All the Best

Hi there! Thanks for remembering me:teehee: They sent my package about week and a half ago, with another color of the yarm i wanted. But i’m far away so i’m not worried yet, i’ll give it another 2 weeks and see what happens. I’ll keep you updated and when i’ll get my stuff - i’ll take a picture:thumbsup: . It appears they had some e-mail trouble and after they figured out my package was lost, they really tried to give me the best service. I hope it arrives soon Crossed Fingers