Frustrated with FLIKER

I can not figure out for the life of me how to add my photos to any profile from fliker.

Getting grumpy!!


You right click the image you want, select save image location, and then paste that saved url into the appropriate place in the add/upload image box.

Go to user settings, click on edit avatar, past in your url or choose photo and go from there.


Here you go -

  1. Click the photo you want to share
  2. Scroll down and on the right where it says "addition information"
    and click “different sizes”.
  3. Choose the size you want
  4. Scroll down and choose option 2 - grab the photos url.

You can now take this URL and put into the appropriate box.

On KH -

If you want to add an avatar to your user options from the link on the bar right above the yarn ads. Click “edit avatar” and use option 1 to add the URL from Flikr.

Is this what you wanted to do? Once you can do this you follow this same basic pattern. Hope it works for you.

I got it, thanks a million… amazing how simple something is… I was ready to freak… lol