Frustrated with figure 8

I sat very frustrated over my knitting last evening. Maybe I was too tired or something but I just really struggled. I am trying to learn 2socks/2circs/toeup and the figure 8 cast on. I could manage to cast on for one sock but when it came time to cast on for the second, the whole thing got very messy. Either the working yarn ended up in the ‘wrong’ spot, or the top needles didn’t have the same number of stitches, or…you name it, it went wrong. For an hour.
So,when YOU do this method, do you cast on for both socks and THEN knit them? I didn’t do it this way because I couldn’t see how it would be possible to keep’hold’ of all the ‘stitches’ as they really aren’t ‘on there’ very well.
Maybe I should give it up and try to learn a provisional cast on instead?

The one thing I can say about the figure 8 co is that is CAN be very frustrating. One thing that seemed to help me a lot is to make the figure 8 VERY loose…you can then tighten it up once you get the stitches knitted, which is often where I had the most problems.