Frustrated! Trying to make a chart

How do you all do this? Do you do it by hand? Or is there a program that you use to put a picture in and it will graft it for you? I have a great idea for a purse that I really want… but I can’t figure out how to get the color part :wall:

This is how I do it. :slight_smile:

Thank you Nuno for asking and Silver for sharing! I can really use this! :happydance:

sings Did I ever tell you your my hero…

Hee! You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Well of course I don’t have photoshop! Why oh why would it be that easy? I can’t find the setting on on mine :frowning:

I’ve never used it, but there is a custom chart service, which I remember as being only $5 at If you have a picture of what you want, they will make a chart for you.

Ooooh nevermind! My program has a “graph paper” option! OOooooh something has gone right today! I feel like dancing :happydance:

I use graph paper and do it by hand, with a pencil if it’s a shape. If it’s a letter, number, or word, I just make a table in microsoft word, then instert a text box over top in a different color, set it to show up on top of text and just the outline… then print, and make addjustments with pencil. It takes a long time, but I like the act of doing.

You can always try KnitPro too…just upload your file and it will spit out a pdf chart. :smiley: