Frustrated: Need Help w/ Multidirectional Scarf

I just found this wonderful group. This is my first post, and I hope to be able to contribute, as well, but right now I really hope someone can help me! I’m trying to make the Noro Silk Garden Multidirectional Scarf ( So far I’ve ripped it out 3 times (only to do the same exact thing all over again!) I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, but I seem to be losing stitches, and the scarf is not maintaining its rectangular shape. The pattern is on the diagonal, so it is a series of increases and decreases. So far, here is what I have:

If anyone is familiar with this, I would be so appreciatative of any advice. Thanks.

Elyse in Brooklyn

You made a wrong turn there somewhere at the beginning of the short row section. Did you do the increase at the beginning of each row? You should have live stitches on both needles, not just one.

I’m assuming that in your picture you have reached the end of the increases in the second section and are ready to start the 3rd triangle. My experience with making multidirectional scarves is that there’s always a point when the shape looks all wonky. Your scarf won’t look like a rectangle if you hold your needle parallel to the bottom edge but if you hold it at an angle your knitting will look more like a trapezoid.

I can only assume that if you don’t have the right amount of stitches on your needle after having worked all your increase rows that you didn’t do the right amount of increases. You should have the same amount of stitches on your needle as when you finished your last set of increases on the first triangle.