Frustrated Lefty needs help with DPNs

Hey guys,

I am trying to do my first “round” project, and I’ve cast on and messed up like 10 times today. One time I got pretty far, but I dropped a bunch of stitches by accident, and I couldn’t recover.

First, I am not sure how to join. I’ve done it several different ways, and I’ve not been pleased with the results. I must be doing something weird.

Second, I can’t seem to figure out how to knit right-side out. Everything is inside out. All the pics I see are right-handed, and while I am used to that, I just can’t figure it out.

Third, do lefties knit clockwise like righties???

Lefties (or smart righties), please help!


Knitting left handed is no different than knitting right handed. (I’m right handed but when I started I found it easier to knit backwards, then I figured out why you don’t do that.)
If you knit backwards you will have problems following patterns.

If you’re knitting backwards and insist on knitting backwards you’ll need someone who knits backwards to help. You really don’t say so it’s hard to say why you’re WS out.
If you’re knitting stitches off the left needle it could be as easy as flipping your tube inside out.

I join by casting on one extra and k2tog.

I guess I’m a semi-lefty - I write left-handed, but knit the regular way - but I’ll try to help.

When I first started circular knitting, my favorite join was to cast on one extra stitch (so if the pattern calls for 24, cast on 25). Then when I went to start the first row I would knit the two end stitches together. I found this gave me a good tight first stitch when I was first starting out. Also, my circular knitting doesn’t always look ‘perfect’ when I first get started, but once I go in a few rows it’s always fine - everything tends to look looser and stretchier than it really is at the beginning. As long as you take special care to tighten things up when you move from one needle to another it’ll be fine.

As far as the inside-out part, that’s a really easy fix. Simply push your knitting through the needles back towards you so that it’s right side out again. I usually just let it go whereever it wants for the first few rows because it’s not worth the effort to keep it straight. It won’t hurt anything as long as you’re still doing your pattern right.

I would think your ‘direction’ would be the opposite of the right-handed way. I transfer stitches from the left needle-onto the right needle, so I would assume you transfer them from right to left and will therefore move in the other direction.

It depends on what you mean by being left handed. How do you knit on straight needles? Do you have the stitches on your left needle or right needle, or do you just hold your yarn in your left hand? If you just hold your yarn in your left, then many right handed knitters do that also. Look at the videos under advanced techniques for knitting in the round with dpns. Flip your work inside out and rotate the knitting so working needle tips are closest to you as if you were going to take a drink from a cup; that’s where the yarn should be.

If you knit flat by moving your stitches from the right needle to the empty left needle, that’s how you should knit in the round too, so you would be going counter clockwise around the needles.