Frustrated by bear

Well well. I’m knitting a bear. All parts knitted. Yay.

Now, assembling.

Onto the head!

And! Muzzle is a bit … not as straight as it should be. Looks like the bear is tilting his head.
Ok, not so bad. Didn’t want to undo that.

Now, ears. Good, good. Check. Something looks wrong.
Oh, the ears are sewn on WS out, instead of RS out.
And it doesn’t look exactly like a cute bear…

So I have to redo that.


I bet he has a great personality!

I hate when that happens. :shifty: :teehee:

I’m not good at putting things together too … I guess it just takes practice. Sending good vibes your way. :slight_smile:

Awww… it honestly sounds adorable to me!

I have knit many a bear…and I am not usually happy with any of them…

I have the odd one that will turn out the way I would like…or better.

But here is the thing…each one of my bears is loved by someone…even if you are not happy with it…somebody will be!!

I know how you feel, but a bear is such a special knitted thing…so I usually do whatever frogging is needed to bring the little guy (or gal) to life. It bothers me to see them all in pieces, so I tend to finish as quickly as possible.

Good luck with it, and please, plz…post a pic?

The bear is finished.

Post here:

My 7yod, in that girly squealy voice says, “AW!! He’s so CUTE!”

I’d hug him. He’s a cutie!