Frustrated but still Knitting

Hello All, I’m a novice. I just completed my first sweater. Took me 6 months but my daughter wore it on her first day of school. She teaches first grade. It looked great. A few mistakes, that I can see. I’m really proud of it. But discouraged because it took sooooo long. I know I’m smarter than that and I still make mistakes and pull it all out. I guess I’m a perfectionist…I also have not learned how to fix my mistakes. For me it’s easier and I guess I feel it’s practice.

One of my biggest frustrations is the first row. It’s so hard for me. I’ve loosened my tension and it’s still tough. Any ideas.:knitting:

Just on the first row? You could cast on to a larger needle then knit off on to the smaller one. That helps a lot of times.

Congrats on your first sweater!:thumbsup: