Frustrated beyond all reason!

I got a wool from a yarn store, it is 100% wool, while working with it, I found a knot, took the knot out, felted the two ends together, continued working with it, bound off, decided to dye it, dyed it twice, (original color was blue/light blue gradient color), the only part that took the dye was the part I felted together! I have now felted the entire thing, so does that mean now it will take the dye? And, what did I do wrong?

Well, that certainly sounds [U]very[/U] frustrating. What’s the name of the wool (just in case that makes any difference)?

Yeah a name would help. Sometimes they might ply more than one type which maybe makes a difference. I’m not sure.

araucania nature wool chunky,

here is a picture of what I mean…

I couldn’t get your first link to work, and the second didn’t say anything about the make-up of the yarn (that I could find). It does claim to be 100% wool, I see on Ravelry, so perhaps the fact that it’s kettle dyed already might have something to do with your inability to dye it again until felted (like maybe whatever they used in [I]their[/I] dye prohibits further dying).

Since this seems to be a fairly small company, perhaps you could contact the makers and see if they can shed any light on your problem.

ETA: What kind of dye were you using? (Not that I know a hill of beans about dyes, but perhaps someone around here does!)

I used black cherry koolaid to dye it

Any color you put over something that is already dyed will not usually dye a solid. Different colors dye differently. Works the same way with glazes on ceramics when you glaze over different types or colors of clay.

I understand that, that was why I was using red, to make purple, a very dark purple (it’s a fibro thing). I am going to try to redye it tomorrow, now that it is completely felted maybe it will take.

One thing I read said she needed a lot of dye and time to color it. Don’t know because I don’t do that.