Frustrated and stuck with Purl and Knit stitches pattern!

I’m still fairly new to knitting and have found myself once again angry at another knitting project.

I am following a pattern for the body of a fox teddy bear. My issue is I’m still stuck on WS and RS. I know how to tell the difference but my knit stitches and purl stitches keep getting switched up.

Is the instruction work st in st starting with p row mean switching between purl and knit each row?
When I tried that all my purl ended up the wrong way… please help!

Hi. Can u post a picture of the completed toy?? And a picture of the part of the instructions that are giving u a problem?? Thanks. That will help us figure out how to help you!!


I’m currently working on the body

@knitcindy I’m 8 rows in on the body part

What I would do is write out each row and what you are supposed to do:
(Like this)

Row 1: P
Row 2: Kfb across
Row 3: P
Row 4: K1, Kfb
Continue like this down the paper until you’ve written all the rows you need to. THEN go back to the beginning with Row 1. After u complete Row 1, put a check mark next to it on the paper. Go on to Row 2. When you’ve finished that one, put a check mark next to Row 2 on your paper. Continue with that all the way down until u have completed and checked off each one. It look a like u got your knit and purl rows mixed up. Checking them off one by one should help u keep track!!!


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One thing to remember in stockinette is knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Your first picture is showing the purl stitches with the bar stitch up close to the needle. Your 4th picture shows the V on the front and those are knit stitches. Learning to read your stitches is an important lesson for new knitters. It also helps to put a safety pin or removable marker on the front of your work.


Thanks for your help! I’ll definitely use the advice of writing it out and ticking them off one by one.
Getting my knit and purl rows mixed up is something I’ve had lots of issues with.


Having my stitches change has been an ongoing issue when starting big knitting projects.
Even though I have followed the pattern word for word.

What can I do to prevent this changing of stitches?

One thing you could try is what jan_in_CA recommended and place a stitch marker or paper clip on the first stitch of your “knit stitch” row. That way, every time you see the marker, it’s a reminder that you should start your knit row.

It will also help if you learn to “read your knitting”. If the sts look like v’s you should knit them. If they look like little bumps, they should be purled. (When you are doing the stockinette stitch).