i am knitting with noro varigated
worst yarn i have ever knit with
twists as you knit
anyways i cast on about 100 stitches
and i am knitting with 10mm needles
the only way i can control the yarn
it is about 24 inches wide
and very stretchy
i would like to get a long shawl made out of it
i have an idea to make a ruana out of it
and close some of the side seams to form wide sleeves
is this possible
any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

Yes, it’s possible. If the yarn itself is twisting as you knit it, it’s probably that you turn the same direction at the end of every row. This happens with any yarn, so just untwist it every few rows. If it’s twisting on the needles, it can do that the first couple inches; once you get some length, the weight will keep it even. 10mm are large needles, maybe too big for the yarn, so it will make large, loose stitches. Maybe you should try it on 8mm and see if you like it better.