Frozen Solid

OMG, I just went to start my car up and there is still a ton of snow that is literally FROZEN to the car. I’ve been running it for 10 mins. and I can knock on it. Thank God I’m not late for my class. I’m running about a half an hr. early and from the looks of things, it’s going to be at least another 10-20 mins. Good grief! :verysad:

I would love to see snow somewhere other than on T.V. I’ve never been to the snow.

Yeah, it’s pretty cold here too. It’s been down into the mid 50s all day and I had to wear a sweater with my jeans and flip flops.

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We were at -15F here yesterday (-25F with the wind according to the weather channel).

Car wouldn’t start when I had to go to class. Why? It got so cold the battery died… :!!!:

You may think you have it so good there all warm and cozy there in Florida, but at least up here in Connecticut we don’t have cockroaches the size of VWs!

And just you wait, come August when your flip flops have melted to the pavement . . . damn, can’t think of anything snappy to finish that one off with :doh:

Is my Florida envy showing? :biting: (this is the little green monster)



Those VW sized roaches come in handy at times. Just toss a saddle on them and ride to the store when the vehicle breaks down.

:chair: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah we had it pretty bad here, too. It was only about 75 today.

I guess this Canadian shouldn’t even chime in here? At least it was tolerable here today at 0 degrees celcius (that’s like 32 farenheit). C’mon spring!!!

He won’t be so quick to get to the computer and answer posts?

He won’t be able to run from the VW sized cockroaches?

It was 7 here today. The windchill was -10…but I guess I should be glad it wasn’t actually -10? :wall: :-x This place would be so much easier to tolerate if it weren’t so :!!!: ing windy all the :!!!: ing time! I mean, I can deal with brushing snow off my car, but not when it just blows back at me and gets in my coat. :pout:

I was walking into work the other day…thinking there really isn’t anything worse than…snow blowing down the back of my coat…(and yes I KNOW there are worse things…my fil was just diagnosed with 3 types of cancers today…)but at the moment, that was what I was thinking…and then…some snow blew in my ear…BLEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And Mason…good thing you are WAY far away, otherwise I’d throw one of these snow balls atcha!!!

Oh, and my furnace is quite nearly close to dying!!! ug…I hope it can hang on until Sat when the guy can come…I think I need adult beverages right about now.

I know! I had the windows open all day and I got pretty chilly around dinner time, so I had to shut them. It was like 65 degrees in here! Brrr! (Usually I have total snow envy, but not lately!)

Hey Mason, where in FL are you? I’m in north east FL, near Jacksonville. The weatherman said there’s a very, very, very, very small chance we might see flakes in the morning. Woot!

Ok all you snowbunnies, don’t hate on use Floridians. We do melt in the summer here, and our summer is 9 months long.

It snows sideways here a lot because of the wind. Snow in the ear is common. :pout: I need to make myself better hats.

We’re expecting a big wind storm tomorrow. 60-70 mph winds with snow and rain.

Might skip school if that happens :pout:

we had major snow and wind on tuesday here. shoveling became useless.
we’d spend about 2 hours clearing the driveway and our ridiculously long side walk (we have a corner house). our corner is also a bus stop so we try to keep it clean and accessible for the kids.
and then 2 hours later we’d look outside… and even though the snow was coming down quite slowly… all our shoveling was filled in with the drifting wind-blown snow. :wall:
so, we shoveled again. and then again on wednesday.

on the plus side though, it was like… 18 degrees on wednesday and i was ready to drive around with my windows down. i was getting so warm in the car. 8)

You Floridians! You would freeze solid here and we’d have to wait until spring to thaw you. heck, at 65 degrees I hardly even bother to put on long pants and a sweatshirt. However, it has been down to single digits and negative windchills the past couple of weeks, and my nose gets cold on the way across campus to class.

At 65 I need a sweater. :teehee:

65 is sweater weather?! I go riding in 30 degrees in a sweatshirt, long underwear, and jeans and sweat. :teehee: Of course, when I get off the horse, it’s a different matter, but…I think I’m getting tougher where cold is concerned!