Frozen milk?

I had to go to the store and get a few things and one of those was milk. Now, this store is horrible with stocking milk, most of the time they have run out. I buy it, come home and put it in the fridge. I just gave some to my youngest daughter and there is a HUGE chunk of frozen milk in the jug? Anyone heard of this?

Maybe the fridge was too cold? I often buy extra milk and freeze it so I’ll have it. I’m sure it’s okay.

i have rarely seen it in the store but a lot of people do it at home.

I’ve had “ice chips” in milk before. We do freeze milk at home and haven’t ever really had a problem with it! Hopefully it just means they are taking care to keep it at the right tempature!

i agree that it should be fine. lots of moms with big families buy extra and freeze.

I guess it just shocked me a little bit, I freeze butter. I just never thought of freezing milk…

Just make sure to thaw it in the fridge, and it will be fine.

I’m still a young-un…but we had milk delivered way back when. In the winter you had to get up early to get it from the front step before it froze solid…no harm if it did. A lot of people think it’s weird/gross…but I like ice in my milk…as in cubes. Especially in summer. I drink it fast enough that it doesn’t water it down but chills it nice and cold. :thumbsup:

we’ve had this happen addicentally at home- the fridge was set too cold. the milk was fine. just shake it up a bit… (I too like ice cubes in my milk on the few occasions I drink it. I want it cooooold!)

i didnt know u could freaze milk! thats so cool im allways ruing out thanks for that.

Don’t complain. I once bought a gallon of milk that was well before the expiry date. I got home, opened it, and the whole gallon was sour… with CHUNKS. :ick:

I changed grocery stores after that. I’ve tolerated some less than perfect produce before, but a gallon of milk cheese is unacceptable.