Frosting Socks

These socks are a gift for my sister for her birthday. Though it is a day after Christmas, who wants red and green socks, so I made this pair in a sweet pink, tan, cream combo called Frosting from Knitpicks, Tonal Handpainted yarn.

Nice socks and yummy colours!

My daughter’s birthday is 12/26 and we avoid red and green, too. Can’t help the tree and decorations, but the birthday stuff has always been “birthday” colors.

Great socks!

Great color choice and lovely socks. What a wonderful gift these will be!

Looks wonderful! You’re really getting a jumpstart on your gift knitting! :thumbsup:

Oh, I don’t know about the red/green Christmas thing. We have what we call our Unchristmas Tree. Our Christmas tree has red, white, and blue ornaments and lights. We have gold star garlands, red/white/blue ribbons and American flags, and a star on top. It has yellow ribbons for the safe return of our troops. We started our patriotic tree tradition after 9/11/2001.

That’s a great looking sock–very mellow and anti-green and red, but beautiful nonetheless!

I’m thinking your sister is going to want another one to go with this one! :wink:

Cute colors!

So pretty. Your sister will love them!