Frostbite in the summer!

Hi All–

I have a real life funny to share. My mom, bless her heart, has given me permission to share this story with those who will have no idea who she is. Here we go…

Mom has been working on staining their porch – it involves much bending and squatting. Her heating pad had given out, so she decided to ice that sore spot on her “back end.” But she didn’t want to take time out of her busy schedule. So when my sister calls asking our mom if she would ride along while she does errands, mom jumps at the chance. She can put the ice pack on the seat of the car, and get nice direct cold where she needs it.

Mind you, this trip takes 40 minutes one way and mom is loving the numbing effect of the ice. Until she realizes, upon getting out of the car, that she has a solid lump. [B]Frozen[/B] solid. :teehee:In her words, the consistency of frozen lard. She told me that she has often wished for a firmer back end, but this was not what she had in mind! :rofl:And as anyone who has ever been frostbitten will tell you, the pain does not come with the freeze but with the defrost. The once white patch then turned red and started the the burning tingling pins and needle sensation.

On a slightly more serious note, she has been monitoring the area in case it starts to look infected. She’s hoping that doesn’t happen, else how to explain to the folks at the Drs .office how you got frostbitten on that part of your anatomy?

I hope she’ll be fine, but lord, that is funny! :teehee:

Thanks for the giggle. I needed it this morning!

:teehee: That must have been some [I]really [/I]cold ice! I’m glad she’s okay!

Oh my goodness, I hope there is no permanent damage! My thighs once got white and numb when I was shoveling snow, oh did that hurt getting feeling back. To this day I still have feeling issues in my thighs, it’s like the nerves are a little deadened.

:roflhard: LOL. I’m glad you and your mom can laugh about this. I pray no frostbite for her!!!

Poor mommie…but :teehee: for sharing her pain.
This reminds me of the feeling we got waiting for the bus in the winter. My legs would just burn by the time the bus came…and we thought this was normal!:shock: :lol: Those were the days. I had a gal friend and work who was always cold and kept a heating pad on her lap under a little lap quilt. She had it cranked all the time and actually got mild burning on her upper thighs from it. Go figure:shrug: