Front Wider than Back???

I am working on a v-neck vest that buttons up the front for a very special 90-year-old man. I have finished the back and left front and am concerned that there won’t be enough ease even after adding the button/buttonhole band. I am considering redoing the left front and knitting the right front a little wider, which means that the back would be narrower than the front. I have never done this before and am hoping for your comments. Thanks in advance!

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The problem may come when you try to match up the armholes and shoulders if the fronts and back don’t match. One alternative is to add a small gusset to the sides. How many inches are you thinking of adding to the vest?
What pattern are you following?

Thanks for reaching out! I am working on the Classic Camel Vest by Tara Jon Manning. I am knitting the medium size which has the exact measurements (43") as the wearer has across his chest, under his arms. The photos on the ravelry page for the pattern show quite a bit of ease. I don’t necessarily want that much. I was afraid that if I went up a size to 48" that it would be too big. I am also concerned that I may not have enough yarn to redo the entire vest at that size.

When you speak of a gusset, do you mean a side panel that goes from the bottom edge to the underarms on both sides or something else?


The first photo on the project page is of size M but the problem is, we don’t know the size of the person wearing it. The tags say that the vest has positive ease but nevertheless, the finished measurement is 43".

A gusset is a panel added to the side. You could continue with the size M and then insert the panel on each side from hem to underarm,. This’ll work depending on how many inches you need to add. The alternative is to chalk this up to experience and re-knit in the larger size.

Hi, I was wondering if you do add a gusset to both sides, would the sleeves need to be adjusted at all? I’m thinking that the circumference of the sleeves is designed to be the same as the circumference of the armhole, but adding a gusset would increase the circumference of the armhole by the width of the gusset. How would one compensate for that? I know that’s not relevant for this pattern, but if you wanted to try this for a cardigan?

Thanks for the info. I am thinking of adding a cable on each side so that it will look like it was meant to be and not just an add-on. The cable pattern contains 8 sts and the gauge is 7 sts = 1" so I will be adding a little more than 2" if I do that. I have to think about if that will be enough and maybe add a little more to the gusset. I don’t want to overdo it since it is a vest and might be worn under a jacket, but it has to be enough to go over a shirt.


Clarification: The gauge is 5 sts = 1". Actually, the cable sequence gauge is 1-1/8" wide so adding this to both sides would add 2-1/4".

Measure the width of the cable panel after several inches. Cables pull in the knitting so the gauge will be different from the pattern gauge in stockinette.

The pattern gave the cable gauge and mine is spot on.

Ok, give it a try and let us know how it works out!