Front stitches for right side vs. back stitches

Hi everyone. I am working on the Throughstone sweater by Bristol Ivy. I need some advice with the pattern. My pattern says:
“k163 front sts, pm for right side, k 163 back sts to end. Work even in ST st. until piece measure 4 1/2” from CO"
I looked on the internet, I can’t find reference to front stitches vs. back stitches, so does this mean simply that the first 163 refer to the front side of the sweater and the other 163 refer to the back side of the sweater? but that I am basically doing ST stitch for that row (326 total)? I am knitting in the round. Thanks in advance

The pattern is setting the first 163 as the front. Put a safety pin or marker on the front knit fabric so that it’s easy to see which are the front sts. It’ll probably come in handy later.

Ok thanks, that confirms what I thought after I didn’t find anything on the internet. It is sometimes easy to really overthink stuff. I appreciate your reply!

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