Front shoulder shaping

I have finished the front panel of a knitted sweater and have reached the shoulder shaping. The neck looks like a horseshoe with a stitch holder in place along the center. When I knitted across I placed the stitchholder in the last twenty stitches made, then finished the row of knitted stitches. The next row on both sides started the neck edge. The stitching on one side finished the row at the stitchholder neckedge and the stitch on the other side ended on the arm opening side. Now that the neck edge is done, the pattern calls for binding off on the first six stitches. My problem is that the row on both sides begins at different points so I can bind off on the outer edge of both sides and I don’t think that I should bind off at the neck edge on one side and on the shoulder edge on the otherside. The shoulder shaping starts with a purl row. How do I start the binding off on the shoulder shaping?

Start the shoulder shaping on the one side by binding off on the purl row. Purl across that side and then purl across the other side (I assume you’ve been using a second ball of yarn for that side and it’s still attached.) Turn the work to the knit side and bind off for the shoulder at the beginning of the row. You’re decreases will be offset by one row, but honestly, no one will notice.