Front opening edge shaping help

I cannot figure out what this means:

I can’t figure out what the following means:

Shape front opening edge (36sts)

K to last 4 sts, k2tog tbl, k2 (that I figured out)
Working all front opening edge shaping as set by last row, dec 1 st at front opening edge of 12th row and 3 foll 12th rows, then on 3 foll 14th rows, then on 0 foll 16th row.


Cont in patt until left front matches back to start of shoulder shaping

Does this mean continue in pattern for 11 rows then on 12th decr 1, then knit 12 rows, decr 3, then knit 14 rows decr 3, then knit 16 rows decreasing none?

Then is it just asking to continue knitting in pattern until front is as long as the back?

Hi! Can you provide a link or. the name of the pattern?

It’s Kim Hargreaves Wave pattern. I have it in a book (Echoes) so no link that I know of

Maybe this one although Kim Hargreaves seems to like the “wave” name for patterns:

Call the dec row you’ve already done, row 1. Then you would dec on rows 13,25,37, 49 and then on rows 63, 77 and 91. Ignore the direction with the 0 and proceed in pattern until the left front matches the vack to the start of the shoulder shaping.

Yes, that’s it! Thank you, it’s nice to know how to go forward and know I’m not going to have to frog it!