Front of cardigan

I’m doing a top down cardigan. One front is one row longer than the other and I get that, but because of that one side has one more stitch than the other. The pattern says to increase until there are 40 sitches on the front. My question is do I stop when the one is at 40 stitches and the other at 39 or am I supposed to somehow do the extra row on the other side to make 40? I know I haven’t missed an increase as I’ve checked all the rows. I’m using Ann Norling Top Down Raglan #60.

One st more or less is probably not going to make a difference. You could even add in the extra st on one of the fronts on the next row.
I usually do the increases all in the same row (you could do kfb or knit into the back of the loop on the previeous row for example). How are you doing your increases?

I’m doing the increases the same way I did on a previous raglan, by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch. This pattern doesn’t say how to do the increases so just used what I knew.

OK, that’ll work. So, you can either catch up on the missing increase on the next row or igmore it and continue. See how the rest of the pattern reads.