Front of cardigan - missed row

Please can somebody help me. I have missed out:

Next row: K1, p1 rib 7 sts, then slip these sts to a stitch holder, work rib to end.

From: K1, p1 rib for 11 rows.
Next row: K1, p1 rib 7 sts, then slip these sts to a stitch holder, work rib to end.
Change to larger needles and work 36 rows in St st.

What is this row for and will my cardigan turn out ok if I carry on and leave it out?

Would be very grateful for a response as I have gone a long way past this row and can’t continue knitting until I know if I’m going to have to unravel it back to this point.


You will have to un-ravel back to that row, from the sound of it , it sounds like the 7 stitches are going to be the button bands or the buttonhole band depending what side you are working on and whether or not for boy or girl.

Thankyou Daylilydayzed :hug:
It was kind of you to help me out. I think I might just do the button holes on the other side. The cardigan is unisex as it’s duck egg colour (light green/blue). Do you reckon this will be ok as I don’t mind which side the buttons are on.

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Hamster :slight_smile:

What happens to the 7sts after you finish the front? Do they just continue in rib with button holes? If so, yes just continue and put the buttonholes on the other side. It doesn’t really matter which side they’re on any more. No one ever remembers anyway and the sweater will undoubtedly be passed from child to child as the treasure it is.

You could even put buttonholes on both sides. Sew the buttons over the set you don’t need. What pattern are you doing?

An easy way to remember what side is girl and what side is boy, just remember that girls are always right, (we couldn’t possibly wrong LOL)

hmm grumble grumble hmm

now i wonder about some of my shirts… clearly marked as men’s, in the men’s sections of stores, modeled by men… but with buttons on both sides, depending on brand, mfr country, etc. i appreciate the ones where the buttons are on the right-hand side, for ease of dressing as a right-handed person. i thought that was the usual way of doing them anymore, because most of the population is right-handed. now i’ll be all confused getting dressed tomorrow.

Thankyou everyone for your advice :muah: I do not know what this bit of the pattern will look like in my knitting or how to do it yet but it sounds like it will make button holes. This line of pattern appears on both sides of my cardigan, perhaps that is so you can choose which side to have the buttons? Here is the whole pattern:

I am very appreciative of all the advice. One day when I am an experienced knitter I will give some advice out. I don’t know much about knitting yet though. I have only made a simple cable knit scarf so far. This was my first completed project. The cardigan is my second. love knitting now. Hopefully soon I will be back :knitting:

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The stitches you were to move to a holder are picked up later for working the rib to make the front bands. I’m sure it can be made to work. Did you work in stockinette for the entire piece or did you continue with rib at the edges?

I did 11 rows of rib. Then I’ve done 22 rows of st st. The 7 stitches that should have been put on a stitch holder was meant to happen straight after the rib.


I’m thinking that if you don’t redo it you’ll have to work out another way to do the front bands. The stockinette edge will curl. You could add a narrow band on each side either in knit or crochet to finish it to help reduce curling. Adding bands of the intended width would probably be OK, it will make it wider. Did this happen on just one side or both?

Pleeease tell me how it can be made to work Grumpy Granny. I really don’t want to have to unravel.


You know, since the front band doesn’t end at the neck but continues along the V, you’d have to make a ribbed strip and add it along the edge of front. For all the fiddling it’ll take, your time and effort might be better spent ripping back to the top of the rib and saving out the 7sts. Yes, it’s 22 rows but it’s not very many sts (28sts) and will re-knit quickly.

You can use the others suggestions on the button holes ideas. If you would like to see the first two baby sweaters I knitted, Look for the thread Things I have been working On. I posted two pictures of sweater sets I knitted recently. It is in the What are you knitting forum thread