Front End loader felting - re-felting after dried

I have a front end loader and we’ve felted (mostly my DD) several purses in it.

The first bag I did (the horrible one), I was a on a time schedule and with my FEL, it has to rinse & spin before I can get it out. So, the bag ended up wrinkeled because I had to leave before blocking. Should I “risk” the hot water again for a few minutes & then try to block it.

Has anyone ever tried to re-felt something after its dried.


I have a front loader also and had a heck of a time felting clogs. At a certain point in the cycle the items are basically held hostage till the end. I did find that I could stop the machine before it locked up for good, turn it off, then re-start a new cycle. Still kind of a pain.

I never re-felted after drying, but I think it would work. I’d love to hear how you make out if you decide to do it.

I’ve refelted clogs after they were dried in an attempt to make them smaller. They weren’t harmed in the process in any way. If you like the size of the bag, you could just soak it and block it.

Soak it - good idea. Hot, warm or cold water?

This is what I’ve figured out with felting in the front end. My machine is weird…it only lets you get real hot hot water on a “sanitary wash”. The sanitary wash cycle is over an hour long. I set my timer for 20 minutes and then stop the washer and put it onto rinse & spin. Its the only way I can figure out how to do it, and its been successful for 5 purse (4 of them my 15 year old DD did - she has to have a different purse for every outfit, ya know). She is currently working on her 5th. :shrug:

:shrug: I think as long as you get it wet and block it, it should be ok. Hot might get the wrinkles out better–just a guess.

Okay, you’re going to laugh at me. I thought you were talking about a front end loader…THE TRUCK :doh: …in my defence my 6 yr. old is obsessed with construction vehicles.

:rofl: There was a time when I knew the correct names for all the vehicles out there. My son was truck obsessed, too. Don’t think they’d felt a bag, though. :teehee:

Hey, Dragon Tush! I thought the same thing, too. TeeHee :rofl:

I come from the land of front loading washers =( I bought a caravan portable top loading washing machine for felting - it works great =D

I dunno… I can think of a few ways to felt with something like that… Though a cement truck or a steam-roller particularily come to mind as the best options :rofl: