Front edgings and neckband

I am knitting a baby cardigan and I am to pick up and knit 171 stitches (29 sts evenly up straight edge, 42 sts evenly up shaped edge, 29 sts evenly from 26 cast off sts at back of neck, 42 sts evenly down shaped edge and 29 sts evenly down straight edge to fold of hem).

Is there a technique to help me pick up the stitches evenly so that there are no puckers or holes?

Also, what does y2rn mean? Pattern reads:
Moss stitch 34, k2tog, y2rn, s1, k1, psso, oss-st to last 38 sts, k2tog, y2rn, s1, k1, psso, moss-st to end.

I do this for the edging for one row only - the 6th row of an 11-row moss stitch pattern.

Thank you so much for any assistance.


There’s a good video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, under Tips on picking up sts. It helps to divide the areas where you have to pick up sts into halves (or even fourths) by marking off with a safety pin or yarn marker. That way you can divide, for example, the straight fronts into smaller areas to make sure that you pick up sts evenly.
Y2rn is a yarn over in which you bring the yarn twice around the needle.
Good luck with the finishing touches!

You are truly my new best friend! This is the second question you have answered for me and I cannot thank you enough. Your answers are very clear and concise.