Front band stiches - help!

:waah: I need help i started a pattern and have only cast on. But i am looking at the pattern and it says
Cast 92 sts[COLOR=“Red”](includes 1 edge stitch at the side and 12 front band sts towards mid front)[/COLOR] the text in red i dont understand except the edge stitch part. What exactly am i supposed to do and it tells me further down to work front band. What am i suppsed to do?

If you work the bands later you are probably supposed to put those stitches on a holder and then work them at the later time. It should tell you what to do there somewhere. Does it?

ok yes it reads this:
P 1row from ws and continue as follows from rs: 1 edge stitc, k2, p2, repeat from - until 16 stitches remain, m.1(=4sts) and front band: p3,k2, p3,k2 and 2 garter sts

I’m not sure what you are saying here. Is this one front of a sweater? Is this by any chance a Drops (GarnStudio) pattern? The last information you gave could be telling you to do a knitted on band that carries up with the sweater as you make it. Do you have a link to the pattern or could you tell/give a little more of the pattern? I’m not sure whether this is done later or as you make the sweater. I need to see it more in context.

yes its a garnstudio pattern. lol guilty

its the left front piece im trying to start i am still in the learning process of following patterns

Cast on 92 sts (includes 1 edge st at the side and 12 front band sts towards mid front). P 1 row from WS and continue as follows from RS: 1 edge st, * K2, P3 *, repeat from - until 16 sts remain, M.1 (= 4 sts) and front band: P3, K2, P3, K2 and 2 garter sts.
Continue like this until rib measures approx 2 cm. Now K 1 row from WS, (work front band and M.1 as before), AT THE SAME TIME dec 13-14-14-19-18-17 sts evenly = 59-63-68-73-79-85 sts. Continue in reverse stocking st and M.1 and 12 front band sts towards mid front.

Okay, I guessed the source of the pattern based on the M.1 which is seen in Drops patterns. :lol: You will be working the band up the front right as you knit the sweater, it is not added later.

Cast on the 92 stitches then purl 1 row that will be the inside of the sweater. The next row you begin the right side of the sweater. It will be worked in reverse stockinette (worked like any stockinette, but what is usually thought of as the inside will be the outside, the bumpy part). But first you are doing some ribbing.

So we are here in the pattern:

RS: 1 edge st, * K2, P3 *, repeat from - until 16 sts remain, M.1 (= 4 sts) and front band: P3, K2, P3, K2 and 2 garter sts.
This will be the first right side row. Do one edge stitch, I think I would knit this stitch. then work in (K2, P3) ribbing until you have 16 stitches left to work. You will work those 16 stitches with the next directions. The first 4 will be devoted to the little M.1 chart that you will find further down the page. It is a 4 stitch cable worked over 5 rows with a twist every 4th row, after the first twist. So you want to keep those 4 stitches in stockinette (not rev St st like the rest of the sweater will be). So knit those 4 stitches on the right side this first row. Then you P3, K2, P3, K2 and 2 garter sts. over the last 12 stitches. When it says to garter st the last 2 stitches you will knit those 2 this row and every row thereafter to keep them in garter stitch.

On the wrong side rows you will begin with 2 knit stitches (the garter they ask for) then work the stitches as they come to you, purling the purls and knitting the knits. That will work as the way to do it across the other 14 stitches that are a part of the border (including the cable) and on across the ribbing.

Repeat those 2 rows for the length of the ribbing working the appropriate row of the M.1 chart each time. When you finish the ribbing you keep going that way with the 16 stitches along the front border (until you have 23 cm) and work the rest in rev St st. I’m not sure about the border stitch along the side. It depends on how you like to seam.

thanks a million. i know it probably seems like a stupid thing to ask about but i just wasnt too sure. I needed to be sure before i did the purling after the cast on that i didnt need to do anything with the cast on. That part in the brackets really confused me. I thought i had to do summit different qwith the cast on. I feel so stupid lol

No problem. Drops patterns are lovely but are written a little differently than most we see in magazines and books. They assume you know quite a bit and write in a rather minimalist style.

Don’t apologize, Drops patterns sometimes leave experienced knitters confused. The wording is not like US patterns, and then there’s the way they’re translated.