From Russia With Love question

Hey all, I’m trying my first Orenburg lace pattern, which is a pdf found here. I’m using an extremely expensive yarn (Superior by Filatura di Crosa) as a present for my partner’s mother’s 80th birthday, and I really want to get this right.

My question starts at Row 7 of the border pattern. Row 6 shows that there’s 18 stitches in the border. I can’t figure out how Row 7 suddenly has 17 stitches; is the chart/pattern wrong, or am I just miscounting there? Should there be a k2tog at the very last stitch of Row 6 (such as on Rows 8, 10, and 12)?

Heeelp! :slight_smile: TIA!

Way hey! Never mind, I found the answer by hunting around in the finished projects in Rav…apparently:

Errata for Border Pattern: Rows 6 and 18 need to have a decrease at the edge, Rows 12 and 24 do not.

Sorry 'bout that!

Don’t you just love solving something yourself just minutes after posting about it ;o)

Lol it seems that I do it all the time!

Yeah – typical! :slight_smile: