From knit to purl

Hi It’s me Reney, when I’m going from a knit st to a purl st, where does the yarn go? ex. I knit 2 then purl 1. (when I do the knit i understand that the yarn is in the back, ans in the front for the purl) BUT I’m not really sure how to get the yarn from the back to the front. I thought that I had it but when I did 3 rows it was sloppy and loose. Am I doing this wrong by putting the yarn between the needles to the front, then purl my st, then again put the yarn back between the needles so the yarn is again in the back? thnx.

Yes, you want to bring your yarn between the needles to the front to purl. Make sure you don’t accidentally put it over the needle, or you’ll add a stitch.

Getting good tension just takes practice. One thing you might consider is the weight of your yarn versus your needle size. Sometimes for lace patterns, you want your needles to be fairly big compared to the yarn thickness, but you might want to check your yarn’s ball band and see what needle sizes are recommended. If you’re using a needle size outside that range, you might want to try a different needle size.

That’s the right way to do it, and with ribbing it’s a bit looser than all knits or all purls. For now, you might want to go down a needle size and see if that helps. But getting even tension is just a matter of practice for any stitch pattern.

For me ribbing always seems to look sloppy for the first few rows. After about 1/2 inch or so it starts to look like ribbing.

That’s very true. A lot of stitch patterns don’t look right until you’ve done several rows of them.