From knit to pearl

My name is Val and I’m new to knitting and I’m doing a scarf with a basket weave. When I change from knit 4 to pearl 4, I seem to have some really large stitches. Is there any way to avoid this?

see how new I am. Can’t even spell “purl” right!!!

One mistake beginner knitters (I too am a newbie) do is not changing the yarn’s position when changing from purl to knit or vice versa.

When you are knitting, your yarn should be behind the needle and when doing purl, it should be above the needle. I am not sure I am making sense. You can have a look at the video section if you think this is your problem.

If this is not the problem, then just hang on. Experienced knitters on this forum will certainly help you!

The larger st is usually the result of the length of yarn used to switch from K to P. Other than snugging each P you can work it twisted (thru the back loop) which’ll shorten the strand and keep the st size more uniform.

Commonly seen in cables and ribbing.


Cam…do you mean that for the purl stitches (or just the first purl stitch), you purl through the back of the loop instead of through the front?

Just on the first one. And don’t forget to bring the yarn between the needles when switching from back to front instead of over the needle.