From dpns to 2 circs

Can I just do a pattern that calls for dpns with 2 circs without changing anything in the pattern? I want to do Fetching from Knitty, but I like doing small stuf in the round on 2 circs, instead of dpns…

I did all of fetching on two circs. no need for changes though sometimes you have to arrange them a little “off center” for the repeats but it is easy to figure out and I have never had problems with that.

You shouldn’t have any problem converting Fetching, except maybe when you pick up stitches for the thumb. That’s the only place it specifies which needle uses which stitches.

My brain has the dumb, so I would do the thumb on DPN’s.

Great! Thanks so much!! :muah:

yeah i can’t remember… i might have switched to DPNs for the thumb or I might have just threw caution to the wind and went for it on 2 circs. the second one SOUNDS more like me when it comes to my knitting but i really can’t remember for sure. :shrug:

One more question, do you remember the # of stitches you put on each needle to make the repeats fit right since you CO an odd #?

I don’t. I probably just moved them as they needed to be when I got to them. :shrug:

I did Knitty’s Fetching last month. It’s a really fun project. Since I used 3 DPNs with 45 CO stitches, I just put 15 on each needle.

I have been switching to ML instead of dp’s. Just put markers where you would have started on a new needle and just work a round that way.

That is exactly what I do! It works wonderfully!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

There are KALs on both KH and Craftster, you may find some mention on there. Remember that the cabling will affect distribution on the needles.

45 st: 4x1 rib: C4F/B on those 4 knit stitches. I guess you’ll have to do 20 and 25 stitches, or maybe could do 21 and 24.