From 52 to 48, with Love

This site is a sort of photo blog of people who have a note for the other side, or to just post how they feel about the election results.

From 52 to 48, with love (or from 48 to 52)

52’s are those who voted for Obama, who won 52% of the votes, 48s voted for McCain. There’s a few “others” as well.

I just thought it was touching, and appropriate to post here seeing as how sometimes things get pretty heated between parties, as is to be expected. But this is a nice reminder that even if we’re on different teams, we’re still in this together.

Whether you voted red, blue or other, I respect you AND your opinions and am proud of our country and our President Elect! :hug:

That is really nice to see…:hug:

Thanks for this! And good to see you!

I posted a link to this on my blog to pass this along.

Very nice link. Thanks for sharing.

Silver, I love the picture of your puppy dogs.

We have a very divided party family and I’m so glad to see that! Thanks so much for sharing!

Loved it. I just emailed my crazy family and friends the link. This is the only political link I have forwarded during the whole election (despite getting several- and some that really made me mad- if you remember!)