Frogging...with a stitch marker?

I’m working on my first shawl and I’m learning a LOT…but now it looks like I have to add frogging to my skill set. I didn’t pay attention to which side of the work I was on and managed to miss it until the end of the row.

I’ve come to terms with the frogging but I have a marker in the middle to keep track of increases. If I yank everything off, how will I keep track of the middle of the work?

And the row below is mostly a purl row with a knit stich border - do I need to insert the needle differently for each stitch? Or just insert right to left as in the video in the tips section?

Guess this is what happens when you knit past your bedtime. :frog: :wink:

If its a lace shawl this may be very difficult because marking the stitch below will still be hard to figure out. How many rows do you have to take out? If its lace and only one or two rows you may want to frog stitch by stitch so you can slip the marker. Keep careful track of which row you’re on so when you start again.

If its garter or stockinette then you can put a safety pin or other locking stitch marker below the other marker and rip back.

This is a project that benefits from having a lifeline. A lifeline is a piece of yarn, unwaxed dental floss or crochet thread that you thread on a yarn needle and run through the stitches in your needles. Make sure it’s long enough it won’t pull out.

You might also want to look at’tinking’ (knitting backwards) which is a good way to take out a single row (or maybe two).
If that’s all you need to take out, this would work and keep your stitch marker in place.

If there’s a YO as an increases before and after the middle stitch, it’ll be very easy to see, you might not even need a marker there. But if you still want one, then just put in the marker at that point.

Just insert the needle any way you can to get the sts on it, then look at each stitch as you come to them and make sure they’re sitting on the needle the right way - or work each of them into the leg closest to the needle tip.

What I like to do is a combination of inserting and taking out a row. Rip back to the end of a RS row, then take out each stitch one by one as I put it back on the needle.

It’s not lace, fortunately. There would probably have been a few more tears if it were. :slight_smile: It’s the “Basic Triangle Shawl” by Kate Atherley. (On Ravelry:

When I get a little further along I think I’ll add in a lifeline. If this had happened with a LOT of stitches, this would be a whole other animal.

Since it is only one fairly short row, I think I’ll just tink back the row. I did 4 kfb increases on this wrong row…do I just drop those off the needle entirely to get back to the right count?

You’ll need to keep one st from each kfb on the needle. Just let the knit into the back of the stitch go entirely.